2013 / 40 postcards designs + sale

De Loods (Silo) is a building in Groningen that was lifted from its previous location and deposited to where it now sits. After being invited to develop a project to be exhibited in De Loods, the building became unavailable and I was asked to move to a different site. Later that second site also became unavailable and I was asked to return (at this point reluctantly) to the first (now available) space. Through moving between spaces and the shifting of time, I no longer had an interest in being present. This general sense of indifference was the point of departure for this site-specific project. 

The walls of the De Loods (Silo) were remade at 1:35 scale and mailed to my family (my husband in Baltimore, my parents in Oklahoma City, my grandmother and extended family in China). I kept one wall with me in Groningen and documented it in locations I felt were significant in the city. My family members took their respective walls to landmarks in their own cities and documented those visits. The photographs were made into postcards that were then sold for one euro each during the exhibition.