501 L78 2015 FOLIO c. 1 [BOOK 5, LEVEL 5, SCIENCE AND ART]

2015 / Bound volume of found text, 58 drafting film pages, 40 vellum insert pages, and 68 cyanotypes /  20.5 X 15.5 X 0.5 inches

Book five is a unique edition of an illustrated version of Luke Howard’s Modification of Clouds. The volume contains text from Howard’s 1803 work and 68 cyanotypes. Objects from the offices and stacks of the George Peabody Library were collected and placed on photosensitive paper on the windows of the library. The resulting photograms were produced by exposing the paper to sunlight from the windows.

Part five of a 6 volume set of works, compiled and created to document the collection and site of the George Peabody Library of the Johns Hopkins University. Each part finds its expression based on the material housed in the particular level of the library.

photos by Joseph Hyde, book bound by Almanac Industries